Finance FAQs


How can I update my street address, phone number, or email address?

Please log in and access the Contact Us tab. You can call and or email a Phoenix Auto Finance Customer Service Representative at: (480) 969-0222 or [email protected]

How do I make a legal name – change (for example, I just got married and changed my name)?

Please fax copies of your legal documents to the Customer Service fax number: (480) 722-0158 and please include your Account number.

How do I remove the primary/cosigner from this Account?

When two people apply for joint credit to purchase a vehicle, you both agreed to pay back the money that was borrowed. Phoenix Auto Finance is unable to release one or both of you from this promise. Both people are liable for the debt. A divorce, for example, will not void this contract, even if a divorce decree directs one person to pay and not the other. If the spouse required to pay Phoenix Auto Finance does not, Phoenix Auto Finance can still require the other spouse to pay. If this spouse does pay, he or she can seek reimbursement from the spouse required to pay by the divorce decree.

What if I want to have someone other than me talk to you about my Phoenix Auto Finance Account?

Please access the Contact Us tab and list the full name of the person you authorize us to speak with regarding your Account in the Message box and click on the ‘Submit’ button. You can also call a Phoenix Auto Finance Customer Service representative: (480) 969-0222.

How do I have my credit report updated?

Please access the Contact Us tab and list the update(s) you are requesting in the Message box, and click on the ‘Submit’ button. You can also call a Phoenix Auto Finance Customer Service representative: (480) 969-0222. If you have supporting documents, please fax your documents to the Customer Service fax number: (480) 722-0158. Be sure to include your account number and the update you are requesting.

What are call windows?

Call Windows is a tool to improve your customer experience. You will have an opportunity to select the best time that we may call you on your cell phone.

How do I obtain a copy of important documents such as a duplicate service contract, my vehicle title, and my Contract?

Please access the Contact Us tab and list the document(s) you are requesting, and how you would like the information sent to you (e.g. email, mail, fax) into the Message box, and click on the ‘Submit’ button. You can also call a Phoenix Auto Finance Customer Service Representative at: (480) 969-0222.

Who is Arizona Car Sales? Are they affiliated with you?

Arizona Car Sales is the company that originally sold the vehicles and assigned your loan to Phoenix Auto Finance. Phoenix Auto Finance is the actual company that provides financing to consumers and assists them with making payments on their accounts.

How can I make a payment without paying a fee?

You have several options to make a payment without a fee: enroll in Phoenix Auto Finance AutoPay, pay online with your debit card, or mail your check or money order to Phoenix Auto Finance at 1648 E Main Street, Mesa, AZ 85203. For more information access the Payments Options tab and click on the desired payment method.

How do I enroll in Phoenix Auto Finance AutoPay?

Enrolling and managing your account has never been easier. Please login to your Phoenix Auto account, select the Account Settings link and click the AutoPay button. Your eligible accounts will be displayed. Choose the accounts you want to enroll and we will walk you step-by-step through the simple process. If you have multiple accounts, you will need to enroll each one separately. Once you’ve completed the process, we will send you a confirmation email with all your details.

NOTE: It can take up to 48 hours to process an enrollment.

How can I cancel my Phoenix Auto Finance AutoPay?

Please call Customer Service: (480) 969-0222 to cancel AutoPay. Cancellations must be requested by phone at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled draft date from your bank account.

Can I make a payment a few days late?

Your contract has a ‘No Grace Period’ clause which means you will owe additional interest, and possibly late fees if you do not make your payments according to the scheduled due dates. If you need to make a payment arrangement, please call Customer Service: (480) 492-8666

How do I obtain information about my remaining balance (payoff quote)?

Please access the Dashboard tab where your Account Summary is located, and click on the link ‘Get a Payoff Quote’. You can also call a Customer Service representative: (480) 969-0222. Mail Payments to: 1648 E Main Street- Mesa, AZ 85203.

Why am I receiving calls from an automated system?

We use an automated system to communicate with you about Account information, past-due payments, and other things. If you receive an automated call and have any questions, please call Customer Service: (480) 969-0222.

What is the difference between Principal and Interest and how does this affect my payments and what I owe to you?

Take the total sales price of the vehicle minus any down payment and/or any vehicle trade-in value and this is the principal balance. The principal is the amount you borrow, also referred to as the ‘amount financed’. (Confusing? We apologize. We are required to refer to it this way under applicable laws) Interest is what we charge for the credit extended to you; it’s the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) disclosed in your retail installment contract.

Simple Interest means that you are accruing interest on the unpaid principal balance. Each payment you make first covers the daily interest that has accrued. The remainder of the payment is applied to the principal, assuming there are no late fees or other charges owed. You will find that the principal balance will decrease slowly at the start of your payments compared to later in your payment schedule. As you pay down the principal, there is less interest to pay and more of your payment goes to reduce the principal balance. If you make all of your payments according to the scheduled due dates, your account will be paid in full by the maturity date.

When payments are late, the principal balance doesn’t go down as much from that payment as it was originally scheduled under your contract. Your payment covers the original interest it was scheduled to cover plus the extra three days of interest, reducing the amount of the payment applied to your principal balance. If you do not make a payment to cover this additional interest from late payments, your scheduled last payment will not pay what you owe us. If you pay late, late fees apply, you will also owe us for the late fees.

What happens to my payments and my payoff of the loan when you defer or extend my loan?

You are not required to make any payments during the deferment or extension period. However, we are not forgiving these payments, you are still required to make these payments. They are simply moved to the end of the term on your loan. Interest continues to be charged during the deferment period.

How do I obtain a copy of my payment history?

Please login to your Phoenix Auto account, access the Dashboard tab and expand your Recent Account Activity. You will also find the print option just below the transactions or you may call a Phoenix Auto Finance Customer Service representative at: (480) 969-0222.

My payment due dates do not match up with when I get paid, what can I do?

Please call Customer Service: (480) 969-0222.

Why choose AutoPay?

There are many benefits to using our automated payment system.

  • AutoPay is free to use. We provide this service free of charge. Other forms of payment carry a charge that can add up.
  • Keeps you in control.
  • You can sign – up or cancel at any time.
  • You can select the amount of your payment as long as it is equal to or greater than your required payment amount.
  • You can set the start date as long as it is not within 2 days of your next payment.
  • You can select to have the amount withdrawn on your due date or up to 2 days prior to your scheduled due date. Payments will reoccur based on the frequency (bi-weekly, monthly, etc.) of your contract.
  • A 2-10 days allowance will need to be given before AutoPay enrollment is complete. For Example, You owe $189.00 bi-weekly with your payments due every other Thursday. When you enroll, you can select to have $189.00 (or more) taken out of your account either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, free of charge with no late fees. You get to decide what works best for you.
  • Helps eliminate late fees. AutoPay ensures that your payment will be received and processed on time, eliminating any extra late fees and saving you money.

Who is eligible to use AutoPay?

We are constantly working to improve the services we provide and make our relationship with you a success. Currently, there are only a few exceptions to who is eligible to use this system.

  • You have to have an active Phoenix Auto Finance account.
  • The last payment received cannot have been returned for insufficient funds (NSF).
  • Your account must be current with more than two(2) payments remaining.
  • Only one person per account can enroll. If you have a co-buyer on your account, only one of you can enroll in AutoPay per account. Check the status of your account to see if you or a co-buyer is already enrolled.
  • Active Phoenix Auto Finance employees are not eligible as they are required to use payroll deductions.
  • The loan account holder must also be on the bank account that is set up through AutoPay.
  • Your Account must be current in order to enroll in AutoPay.

If you find that you are not eligible but would like to enroll, please contact our Customer Service department to see if we can work with you to get you enrolled. These rules are subject to change as we continue to improve our services.

Note: Must allow for two business days prior to the due date when canceling AutoPay.

What do I need to sign-up?

If you are eligible, please call Customer Service: (480) 969-0222 to start. You only need an active bank account or debit card. You will need your account number and/or your bank’s routing number.

For purposes of AutoPay enrollment, Metabank, and INB Accounts are considered checking accounts.

Enrolling and managing your account has never been easier. Choose the accounts you want to enroll and we will walk you step-by-step through the simple process. If you have multiple accounts, you will need to enroll in each one separately. Once you’ve completed the process, we will send you a confirmation email with all your details.

Note: It can take up to 48 hours to process an enrollment.

What happens if I send in another payment before the due date?

The AutoPay payment will still come out as scheduled. With AutoPay there is not the option to pay ahead as there is with other payment methods. The payment will always come out on the scheduled day unless the account is canceled by the customer.

What happens if I do not have enough funds in my account to cover the payment?

If we receive a Non-sufficient Funds Notice (NSF) from the bank we will automatically cancel your AutoPay account. That payment will then have to be paid in another method. On June 10th, 2012, we began charging a $39.00 fee for each NSF. You will also be accountable for any late fees that may occur.

What happens if I have a modification performed on my account?

If a modification is performed on your account we will cancel that account and you will need to re-enroll. When a modification is performed it may alter what was originally agreed upon in the online authorization form. The new authorization form will have your updated payment amount, frequency, and payment schedule on it.

Can I skip a payment on AutoPay?

No. If you need to skip a payment or take a break from AutoPay then you will have to cancel your account. However, you will be eligible to sign up again when you feel comfortable. We will also not charge you a cancellation fee.

What should I do if I change banks?

The AutoPay account will need to be canceled and you will need to re-enroll. This is to ensure that we have the authorization to access the new account number.

What happens if the payment date falls on a holiday or weekend?

Your account will be given credit for the payment the day it’s due regardless of whether or not it’s a valid banking day. Your account will then be debited the next banking day.

What happens if my account is paid off?

When your account is paid off and there is not a balance the AutoPay account will be canceled for you.

If I have two accounts, do I have to set up AutoPay for both accounts or can they combine them into one payment?

You would have to set it up for both accounts individually. We are unable to receive a combined payment and then split out the proceeds.

My vehicle was in an accident, stolen, impounded, or repossessed, what do I do now?

After you file a report with the proper authority or organization (i.e. police, auto insurance, etc.), please contact Phoenix Auto Finance Customer Service: (480) 969-0222 to be directed to the proper department.

My vehicle was in an accident-what do I do now?

  • Please notify your insurance company immediately to report an accident and start the claim process, making sure to provide your insurance company with your lienholder information.
  • After you have filed the claim with your insurance company, a decision will be made by the insurance company whether the vehicle is repairable or deemed a total loss.

What documentation should I send to Phoenix Auto Finance if my vehicle is declared a total loss?

  • If your insurance company deems the vehicle a total loss, the following documents must be sent via fax to 480-722-0158 or emailed at [email protected]
  • Vehicle evaluation
  • Settlement breakdown
  • Include the Phoenix Auto Finance account number or VIN number on all documents.

Do I have to continue making payments if my vehicle is a Total Loss?

  • You remain responsible for making monthly payments until the loan is paid in full. If a total loss has occurred, please have your insurance adjustor contact us on your behalf. Then, we can begin working toward a final settlement with your insurance company.
  • After your insurance pays the settlement, you will be responsible for any remaining balance. If you have guaranteed asset protection (GAP) or other debt waiver coverage, we’ll provide the information needed to file the necessary claims.

I have guaranteed asset protection (GAP) insurance-how do I file a claim?

If you have GAP insurance, please contact your GAP provider as soon as possible to file a claim. Please refer to your GAP contract to distinguish your provider. The below documents are required in order to process your GAP claim. The following parties are responsible for providing documents to the GAP provider as stated below:

  • Phoenix Auto Finance: Finance Contract, Warranty Contract (if applicable), Payoff as of the date of loss, Payment History.
  • Insurance company: Evaluation and Settlement breakdown.

If you have questions about your GAP coverage, please refer to your GAP contract and contact your GAP provider if necessary.

What steps should I take if I have a repair claim?

Your insurance company will issue a check payable to you and to Phoenix Auto Finance. When you receive this check endorse the back of it, including your account number, and mail it to:

Phoenix Auto Finance

Attn: Total Loss Dept.

1648 E Main Street

Mesa, AZ 85203

Upon receiving the repair check, Phoenix Auto Finance will contact your repair facility to assist them with processing your claim and to request the final detailed invoice of actual repairs completed (invoice must include full VIN number).

To expedite your claim, please have your repair shop email the above document to [email protected] or fax it to 480-722-0158. Be sure your Phoenix Auto Finance account number is included on all documents.

Please keep in mind:

  • All repairs must be performed by a state-licensed repair facility.
  • Once all documents are received and approved by Phoenix Auto Finance, payment will be sent to your repair facility (not exceeding the original insurance check amount).
  • Payments for insurance repair claims cannot be applied to payments or any fees on your Phoenix Auto Finance account.

What happens if I’m in an accident but don’t use the insurance money to fix my car?

The check your insurance company issues must be either:

  • Used to repair the vehicle.
  • Applied directly to your principal balance.

What happens if I’m in an accident and my insurance company pays me more than is needed to cover the repairs?

The check is made payable to you and Phoenix Auto Finance. Endorse the check and send it along with the invoice from the auto repair shop. Mail the check and invoice to:

Phoenix Auto Finance

Attn: Total Loss Dept.

1648 E Main Street

Mesa, AZ 85203

Once the final invoice from the repair shop and the check are received we will send the endorsed check back to the repair shop. It is between you and the repair shop to determine how you will be reimbursed. We suggest you discuss all reimbursement details before endorsing the check.